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Welcome to Prospektor!

Export support - Products sourcing - Linking business partners

Modern world of business do not know any boundaries. Make the best of international cooperation!

Thanks to Us this is will be easier than it looks! We find potential partners, verify them, settle terms and coordinate details of cooperation.
You look for production possibilities for Your idea in Poland or Europe? We will find the best ones and schedule the implementation step by step.
You have an issue which needs special treatement? Tell us what You need. We will deliver apropiate solution with pleasure.

We have a years of experience in finding suppliers, manufacturers and business partners in Europe and all over the world. We had organized from scratch plenty of new projects for various business lines and models. We know that taking care of details and eliminating the possible threats is what make the difference. We act efficiently, effectively and with dedication. This resulted in trust and gratitude of many companies.

Discovering new opportunities is our passion – Try us!